Our Club



We are based in Marina Del Rey, California.


We are a member of Toastmasters International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping its members learn speaking and leadership skills.


We are one of Los Angeles most dynamic and diverse clubs.  Our members include professional speakers and coaches, comedians, actors, entrepreneurs, business professionals and teachers.  Our goal is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment that enables members to develop effective speaking and leadership skills.

Secret to success

Practice.  We believe that people can only truly improve their public speaking skills by speaking in front of others regularly.  Our club provides a supportive and fun atmosphere for members to speak before the club on a weekly basis.  By taking advantage of our ongoing speaking opportunities, you’ll find that your nervousness, which is common with public speaking, will begin to diminish over time.

Mentoring & professional coaching 

Members have access to mentoring to accelerate their growth and we have experienced members who offer professional coaching if needed.


Orville’s Toastmasters was founded by Emma Sherry and George Schumacher in 1984, and started with only six members.  The club was renamed Del Rey Toastmasters (Del Rey) one year later.  Del Rey has become one of the best clubs in Los Angeles and consistently produces great speakers and leaders.  The club now has 22 members.

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